Pre-Release Weekend – Guilds of Ravnica

What a fantastic weekend turnout for the West Coast Gaming Community.

The weekend turned out Magic the Gathering players from all corners of Cumbria – Workington, Whitehaven, Carlisle and Kendal.

There were over 50 players partaking in the Weekends Pre-Release events and it shows that “Returning to Ravnica” once again was a wise move by Wizards of the Coast.

Some excellent pulls this weekend too, many sought after Shock lands were opened and the ‘now famous’ GB spell – Assassin’s Trophy was seen on a few occasions.

Congratulations to – Rhys Moore – Workington & Ethan Spedding – Carlisle (Both Winners with a 5-0 Record)

IMG_2844 IMG_2837

Winner Decklists

Rhys IMG_2860


Rhys Moore – Dimir                                               Ethan Spedding – Golgari

Overall Results

Workington (2)         Carlisle


Workington                                                                Carlisle

The Event

IMG_2833 IMG_2831 IMG_2836 IMG_2851

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